Cloze Test Soruları

Rhubarb is native to Asia and it is thought that it was used by the Mongolians, (1) _______ the Tatar tribes of the Gobi. Varieties of rhubarb have a long history as medicinal plants in traditional Chinese medicine, but the use of rhubarb as food is a relatively (2) _________ innovation. In the past, a common and affordable sweet (3) ________ children in Yorkshire, England, was a tender stick of rhubarb, (4) ________ was dipped in sugar. In the United Kingdom, the first rhubarb of the year is grown by candlelight in dark sheds around the famous rhubarb triangle of Wakefield, Leeds and Pontefract. (5) ________ various types of rhubarb are grown in different parts of the world today, some believe that true rhubarb is the Chinese variety.
Exactly (6) _______ the cabbage has been in Europe is by no means certain. Its introduction there has generally been ascribed to the Romans, but it seems probable (7) _________ the Celts introduced it even earlier. The Celts invaded Mediterranean lands repeatedly (8) ________ about 600 B.C. to the beginning of the Christina Era, (9) ________ into Asia Minor around 278 B.C. They probably had much to do with the popularization of cabbage as a food plant. Celtic knowledge of it was (10) ________ it influenced the Latin name “Brassica” from the Celtic word “bresic”, meaning “cabbage”.
The kangal is a dog breed of Turkey, specifically of Sivas. This large dog, which can often weigh (11) ___________ much _________ 64 kg, was originally used as a livestock guardian dog, but in recent years (12) ____________ in popularity as a guard dog. It is of an early mastiff type, with a solid, pale tan coat and a black mask. The breed is often referred to as a sheep dog, but it does not really herd the sheep. (13) __________, it lives with the flock and (14) __________ wolves and jackals. The kangal's protectiveness and gentleness with small children and animals has led to its growing popularity as a guardian for families (15) __________, as it watches members of its flock with extreme devotion.
Easter Island, one of the most isolated and mysterious places on Earth, is in the South Pacific Ocean. It is famous for its “moai”, or massive stone statues. The first European vessel to reach the island was a Dutch ship that arrived on Easter Sunday in 1722, (16) ________ giving the island its modern name. However, (17) ________ Captain James Cook arrived a few years later, he found the island utterly changed. The islanders were thin and miserable, (18) _________ scarcely enough food to survive. Cook also noted that many of the massive “moai” (19) ________. (20) _________ of the statues now visible on the island are the result of recent archaeological efforts.
The first people in America (21) _______ the Indians. They built their tents where the homes, schools, factories and stores of modern cities now (22) ________. They hunted deer or buffalo over land (23) ______ today huge crops grow. Their hunters, warriors and traders used paths (24) ________ have become roads and railroads. Indian names and words can be found (25) _______ over the map of America. Twenty-seven states and a large (26) _______ of cities, towns, rivers and lakes have names (27) ________ the languages of the first Americans. Indian farmers were the first to (28) ________ corn, potatoes and many other food plants. These crops help (29) _________ the people of the world today. The Indians were also the first to raise turkeys. They found uses for such native American plants and trees (30) _______ rubber, tobacco and the sugar maple.
Turkey’s Mediterranean village of Kuyucak (31) ______ a feast for the eyes of local and foreign tourists with its beautiful lavenders, which flourish into their best shape in July. Kuyucak in the southwestern province of Isparta contributes over 90 percent of the country’s lavender production, turning to purple (32) ________ the hot season. The harvest season starts in August. This village is (33) ________ in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, 47 kilometers from the center of Isparta. Thousands of tourists flock at high season to enjoy the visual spectacle in Kuyucak, (34) ________ an average of 500 tons of lavender flowers are produced every year. They take photographs (35) ________ these flower gardens and taste various foods with lavender ingredients, from lavender honey to ice cream. Isparta Culture and Tourism Director Osman Çot said lavender is the second aromatic plantation after roses, luring (36) ________ tourists to the area. The region also meets 65 percent of Turkey’s rose production, mainly for export. Çot said lavender production had soared in the last few years thanks (37) ________ new projects and workshops. “The number of tourists (38) ________ Kuyucak has now risen to 20,000 from around 5,000 a couple of years ago,” he added.