Diyalog Soruları

  1. Mary: Have you seen that new film with Eva Mendes?
    Janet: Yes, it’s horrible. Don’t you agree?
    Mary: ______________
    Janet: Yes, me too. That’s why I was so disappointed with this one.
  1. Susan: What’s that dance you are doing called?
    Claire: It is the Mambo.
    Susan: _____________
    Claire: Sure, just get up and follow the movements of my feet.
  1. Lisa: How is your new washing machine?
    Jennifer: _____________
    Lisa: That’s good news; I was afraid it wasn’t going to work.
    Jennifer: So was I, but I think we got lucky this time.
  1. Jenny: What is that awful smell?
    Susan: Oh no! It must be the washing machine.
    Jenny: ______________
    Susan: Quick, unplug it before it blows up!
  1. A: So what did the mechanic say about the starter motor?
    B: He said it would cost $1000 to put a new one in.
    A: _______________
    B: It was, but that ran out a couple of months ago.
  1. A: Is it true that the Roman, Arabic, and Hebrew alphabets are all related?
    B: It is. Scholars believe they are all descended from ancient Egyptian writing, like that from Wadi el-hol.
    A: _______________
    B: That's right. They helped to spread its use, and the Greeks copied it from them, and so on.
  1. A: Is anything wrong?
    B: My mother was having trouble breathing last night and had to be rushed to hospital.
    A: ________________
    B: She seems to be, but nothing like this has ever happened before.
  1. A: I'm going crazy with all the things I have to do!
    B: Do you need any help?
    A: _______________
    B: You didn't have to be that rude about it.
  1. A: ______________
    B: How is that?
    A: Well, the word "Sahara" comes from the Arabic word “sahra”, which simply means "desert".
    B: I learn something new from you every day.