Eş Anlam Soruları

  1. If only he hadn’t eaten the entire pie, he wouldn’t be feeling sick to his stomach now.
  1. Lucy responded to the teacher in a way that none of us could have predicted.
  1. Prior to taking that medicine, you should have consulted your doctor.
  1. Both Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun in Bangkok are lovely temples worth visiting; moreover, the first contains the Emerald Buddha.
  1. Before opening the gift from her sister, Susan shook the box to help her guess at what was inside it.
  1. Everyone in the audience enjoyed the concert, except for Jack.
  1. New research has revealed that regular use of low-dose aspirin can benefit women more than it does men.
  1. Mary regrets having worked during her holiday because now she is extremely tired.
  1. Hardly anyone at the concert was satisfied with the performance of the singer.
  1. As far as I am concerned, you didn't deserve such a low salary.
  1. The more people turn up for the show, the more money we will make.
  1. There have been recent studies that have linked poor dental care to a variety of other health conditions.
  1. Scarcely had we opened the door than we realized we shouldn't have left the dog home alone.
  1. I wouldn't mind having a late meeting tomorrow since I am quite used to going home late.
  1. It was nice of her to get me a present even though she didn't have to.