Karışık Gramer Soruları

  1. People are always telling Adam that he ________ Robert Redford.
  1. Even if they had been advertising the concert for a long time, ________ few people attended.
  1. A _______ of iron in the blood in children can impair their intellectual development.
  1. Winning the lottery _______ a tremendous change in the life of the family.
  1. I doubt that you _______ reading your book by the time I _______ home from the office today.
  1. Jessica ________ the hotel shortly after she _______ by a scorpion.
  1. After we learned he wasn’t ashamed ________ his rude behaviour, we realized we’d been mistaken _______ Billy.
  1. We’ll finish the meeting now _______ anybody has any more points to raise.
  1. Herbert Spencer went to school only for three years; _______, he became one of Britain’s greatest philosophers.
  1. Doctors do not advise ___________ heavy foods at bedtime because it may cause you __________ indigestion, which may interfere with proper sleep.
  1. _____________ the only train, he sat around wondering what ______________.
  1. Doctors ____________ to find an AIDS vaccine cannot claim ____________ more than minimal progress so far.
  1. Brunei and Kuwait, which are two of the richest countries in the world, both have economies __________ on petroleum export.
  1. Being kidnapped by rebels in Columbia was ____________ traumatic experience ____________ she decided she would never take a holiday abroad again.
  1. ___________ doctors in our country want to work in rural areas, so ____________ of them practise in the cities.
  1. Let's go and see how my mother is getting on with the housework, ______________?